Product or Lifestyle photography

Product imagery can perform many functions, from catching a prospective consumer's eye, enhancing the appeal of a product, or just pulling together an idea. Commercial photography is often associated with advertisements, sales pitches, brochures, product placements as well as merchandising and e-comm websites.


Our photo sessions

For shoots at my studio my quote will include all photography and editing, the studio hire fee, lighting/studio equipment and use of our custom painted backgrounds, colorama papers and props.

Option A - Product Shots Only

£ 149
  • up to 20 Products
  • 5 still Photos
  • up to 20 Photos includes cutouts on 100% white
  • 1 Simple Video (10 sec)

Option B - Product Shots Only

£ 299
  • up to 40 Products
  • 10 still Photos
  • up to 40 Photos includes cutouts on 100% white
  • 3 Simple Video (10 sec)


For Lifestyle shots the price is £200 + Models fees. It include up to 10 photos.  For more information send us a e-mail.

For location shoots, travel costs are only added if either the location is outside Central London (Zone 1) or I require a taxi to transport gear.

*The Prices not Includes VAT 

“A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know.”

-Diane Arbus-

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